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Who we are

Wannabay is the website by Fijian for everyone.

Wannabay is social classified network for people with shared interests. Wannabay lets individuals and businesses display information,Share photos, videos, send messages, find business and services, dream jobs, buy & sell and many more.

Wannabay also helps you in keeping yourself informed of things happening around you. It allows you to join your favourite business, bands & public figures, Artist, brand & products, books & magazine, cause & communities, entertainments, institutes and others to follow their posts and get the latest happenings no matter where you are!

Wannabay is the place where you can build your profile, grow your business & service, add listing & posts and get noticed

Wannabay is mobile friendly. It is easily accessible thoughmobile web, android& iOS mobile apps

You need to create profile with us to enjoy wonderful features of wannabay.

Below are summary of some of the features on wannabay:

Groups on Wannabay

Wannabay groups are based on shared interests and experiences.

Blogs on Wannabay

Wannabay understands the benefits of blogs and getting it out to individuals and business to share yourknowledge, experiences, latest news etc. we believe in the self-expression, communication and freedom of speech and to build a dynamic community which exchanges information, solutions, reviews and opinions about almost anything including business and its products, services and reputation.

Events on Wannabay

Events at wannabay is powerful tools with intuitive design to make planning your events easier than ever.

Business Directory on Wannabay

Business directory on wannabay allows users to build directory of business,review,rate,follow,comment sections, build an address book directory and much more

Classifieds on Wannabay

Quick and easy way of posting ads, viewing, reviewing and rating. Easy way to sell your productsby posting it instantlyand there is no need to create store or no need for approval. Members can contact owner of the post for more details on products and contact details.

Stores on Wannabay

Allows anyone to easily create an online store. Approval of the store may take a while and owner of the store may be required to provided their id if asked by wannabay team. Once store is approved the owner of the store can start selling their products. companies can increase brand awareness and sell more while being able to keep their customer engaged thru social commerceactives. Paying for the product you purchased is just one click away as Wannabay also provide secure payment gateway such as paypal, credit cards,etc. for stores.

Realestate on Wannabay

Search thousands of residential, rural and commercial properties for sale,lease, rental etc. here any one can add listing. Thisis simple and each to use. Each property listing will go through approval process and once approved then only your post will be listed.

Jobs on Wannabay

Find your next role. Quickly search thousands of job openings listed by company. Find your perfect job and apply today.

To post jobs you will be required to create company on wannabaywith few easy steps and then you can post the jobs and you can collect resumes and then manage your organizations hiring process.

Resumes on Wannabay

Let your dream job come to you. Anyone can showcase a summary of your skills, abilities, credentials and accomplishments. You can create a beautifully designed, professional resume in minutes to display your qualifications or for work solicitation. Create your resume and be found by companies and organization who require your skills and qualification.

Contests on Wannabay

Here anyone can create contest. Join the contest of your choice and start winning cash, and other prizes.

Questions & Answers on Wannabay

This is a place to gain and share knowledge where question areasked, answered by users. You can like, dislike, comment and rate,add questions to favoritesetc

Topics on Wannabay

create topics where you can have your say and influence decisions on governments, society etc.

Videos on Wannabay

Wannabay allows yours to easily share youtube/vimeo videos withprivacyoptions, comments & likes,tags, social sharing, videos search & category

Advertising on Wannabay

Wannabay allows users to create various advertising campaigns for business and website promotion and monitor their efficiency through multiple indicators including number of views, number ofclicks and CTR. If you have don’t haveWannabay account don’t worry, user (login or non-logged in) can create a new ad and place it on the placement added by wannabay. Each ads added, Wannabay team will review the content and if everything is fine, payment request will be send to user. The payment can be made via paypal by clicking the link inside and once payment is made ad will appear at selected placement

For more information about our products and services you may contact us using the informationbelow.