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on June 30 at 03:33 AM

When it comes to providing support on printers, easy printer support is well experienced in resolving customer issues. We can resolve all types of printer related problems, quickly and very easily. Whether its a driver related issues, software problems or any hardware changes required in their printers, we first understand the customer’s perspective and identify the exact problem and fix the issue without taking printers out of there home.

The best part is customers at easy printer support need to sit relax at home while we fix the printers. The content of the article includes important things to remember while looking to buy a right printer to basic requirements for easy printing to providing solutions for when the printer refuses to function and much more such printing related information valuable to the readers. This writeup is a must if you looking to develop your knowledge regarding the basics of printing technology.


We Offer Smart Guide For Buying Printer

You will be spoilt for choice once you step into that showroom to buy a new printer. But a certain amount of technical knowledge about the printers will come handy and would aid you to make a smart informed choice while purchasing a new printer. In this section, we have come up with five main features that you should look before purchasing a printer. Visit

Quality of the printed image: 

The foremost thing to consider while determining the picture quality of the printed image is the resolution. Make sure to choose a printer providing a wide range of capabilities when it comes to print, for instance, covering the modes in between 360dpi to 2880 dpi. Density is the next important factor determining the quality of the print. Next to deciding factor regarding the quality of the print is the ink droplet size. To make an informed choice, make sure you choose a printer capable of droplet size of 4 to 12 pl and that the droplets should not be visible from the naked eye. Ensure that the printer you are looking to buy has a good amount of ink configurations. Last but definitely not the least factor in determining the print quality is the ICC profile capability of the printer. Ensure that the printer you choose possesses profiling capabilities.

Size and speed of printing: 

Size of the printer is a subjective choice, that depends on your printing purpose. If you wish to print canvas, you definitely need a large size of printer that would be able to handle longer and heavier rolls. So talk to the salesperson regarding the same and make the choice right for the purpose of your buying the printer. Speed is an integral element to be looked upon while purchasing the printer. However, many times good speed compromises the of print. Make sure you get hold of the machine which provides faster speed while retaining good print quality.


Media handling: 

Look for printers capable of good media handling. Ensure that the printer you have your eyes on is capable of efficiently handling various media that it is loaded with.

Ease of Use: 

Ease of use would certainly be the most important factor for a user not much into the technicalities of the printing technology. Before deciding to buy a printer, ask the following questions from the salesperson and then make a decision.

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