How to Buy Your First Bike Lock (Effective Tips)

on January 17 at 12:30 AM

Buying the first bike lock can be a daunting task, especially if you want to lock your hard-earned expensive bike. The truth is the market is stacked with a wide variety of bike locks, ranging from regular cable locks to a high-end bike U lock. Since there are too many options to choose from, buying the first bike lock is likely to get challenging. 

However, with the right tips up your sleeve, it’ll become too easy to pick the right bike lock. To help you along the way, we have designed a list of tips that’ll help you choose the right type of bike lock for your bike. So, if you have been struggling to buy the right bike lock, continue reading, the following guide will help you do the job. 

Know the Bike Lock Types

There are three different types of bike locks in general, including combination locks, chain locks, and a bike U lock. Each of these types is designed to solve a different purpose and offer a different level of sturdiness. 

Among these three, cable locks are the most basic type of bike lock that doesn’t offer complete security. Most of the riders use cable locks to simply secure the wheels. Chain locks are an upgrade over the regular cable locks and offer a slightly better sturdiness. 

A bike U lock is the most durable bike lock that you can buy to secure your bike. Even though these types of bike locks are a bit expensive, they offer extreme sturdiness and durability. 


Choosing the right bike lock also depends on the location where you are planning to lock your bike. For instance, if you are looking forward to locking your bike in a crowded and outdoor place, chain locks and U-locks are the most suitable options. 

However, if you want to lock your bike indoors, a regular cable lock would be enough to get the job done. While locking indoors or in a dedicated parking spot, you don’t need an expensive bike U lock as these places already have security. 

Your Budget

Each of the above-mentioned bike lock types varies in the prize. While cable locks are the cheapest version, U locks tend to be on the expensive side and can even cost a couple of hundred dollars. 

That’s why it is extremely important to set a budget before you go about buying the first bike lock for your bike. 

These are a couple of tips that’ll help you choose the right bike lock to securely lock your bike out in the public. 

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